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Child Care Programmes

Cauveri supports shelter homes for the rescued street children, working children, and other children at risk at Coimbatore, Tiruppur, and Salem.

Children, who are abandoned, neglected, exploited, and living on the streets, are given refuge, protection, food, counseling, and opportunity to reunite with their families. Where rehabilitation is not possible, these rescued children are provided free shelter, food, healthcare, education, and are helped to develop their skills through vocational skill training, to bring them back to normal life stream.



Education and formation for life is the ultimate deliverable for a child to cope up with the world.  


The first few years of a child is so important that we build their psychological security system.


Without a decent livelihood programme the child care programme is not complete.

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We Care For Street Children

Shelter Homes for Street Children


Coimbatore Shelter Home

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Shelter Home at Tiruppur

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Shelter Home at Salem

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Children strategy

Protection, Care, Education, and Livelihood to HIV/AIDS Infected Children and PLHAs

Tamil Nadu state is one of the most HIV/ AIDS affected states in India.

Cauveri supports two special homes for the HIV/ AIDS infected and affected children and people living with HIV Aids (PLHAs). Don Bosco Care Home at Namakkal for the HIV/AIDS affected children (whose parents are infected but not their children) and Don Bosco Care Home at Nilavarapatti, in Salem district for the HIV/AIDS infected children.

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Growing up as juvenile offenders is an unforgettable burden every growing juvenile offender carries. That’s why I decided to step in. We can do our share to mitigate their pain.

Aabideen Shaq

Quality of Life

Two homes aim to provide quality of life.

Project Assistance

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Action Research

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Long-term Planning

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services & Solutions for HIV/AIDS Infected

Providing protection, care, healthcare, education, livelihood, and counselling



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Impact of the Care of HIV/AIDS Infected

Protection, Care, Education, and Livelihood to HIV/AIDS Infected Children and PLHAs

Infected children cared for at Don Bosco Care Home

infected children cared who are staying with their parents

Affected children cared at Don Bosco Care Home

Affected children cared who are staying with their parents

awareness promotion campaigns organized

High-risk children reached out through awareness campaigns

Care, Education & Livelihood

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Juvenile Care Programmes

Prevention of recidivism among children “in conflict with law” in Observation Homes in six districts of Tamil Nadu:


The juvenile justice system in India contemplates the legal response with respect to two categories of children (i) ‘in conflict with law’ (children under the age of 18 years and who are accused of committing an offence) and (ii) those ‘in need of care and protection’ (children from deprived and marginalized sections of society with different needs and vulnerabilities). 


One the key of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 was to create a separate system of justice- dispensation for instances where children are accused of committing offences, distinct from the criminal justice system for adults. The Act also contemplates the effective involvement of informal social arrangements at the level of the family, voluntary organizations and the community.



Ensuring appropriate procedures as envisaged by the Law of Juvenile Justice Act of India.



Opportunity to grow as and become normal children through psychological counselling



Providing opportunity to cherish their childhood and necessary skills to become self-reliant.



A Great Impact

A dramatic impact has been created in the care offered to children especially boys

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Boys underwent Counseling for Psychological well being

Recreational Games, Competitions & Programmes to Relish Childhood

Academic / Vocational Education for released childrens

Rehabilitation of children released from Home with their parents

Legal Assistance provided

Meeting centres established for street boys


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